Seva Zhidkov

AI Engineer


Since 2017: Software Engineer (advertisement, machine learning, bots) @

2016-2017: Bots Developer (recommendations, integrations) @ Group

2015-2016: Founder (integrations, monetization) @ Leonard Bot


April-May, 2017: Machine learning (recommendations for UGC media) @ The Question

February-April, 2017: Machine learning (recommendations for music events at New York and Nashville, cold start problem) @ Hi Karl

Open source:

Apr, 2017: Simple LSTM neural network predicting amount of votes on Product Hunt (Python, keras) - Github

Jan, 2017: Predict music genre for the events based on online data (Python, scikit-learn, gensim) - Github

Dec, 2016: Django application for learning geography interactively (Python, Django, Javascript, Google Maps API) - Github

Nov, 2016: User returns prediction in Kaggle competetion (Python, pandas, scikit-learn) - Github

Jul, 2016: Recommendation system based on collaborative filtering and content model (Python, gensim, scikit-learn) - Github

2016: Open source assistant in messengers:
1.0 - (Mar, 2016),
2.0 - (Nov, 2016)


[email protected]

About me:

I'm young and ambitious software engineer. When I was 14 I've got my first internship in My project was promo campaing with Airbnb: a bot for choosing travel destination and exploring it.

Over the last few years I've done a lot of projetcs with state-of-the-art machine learning technologies and products in high-growing industries. I launched Leonard Bot and received media coverage, I was the only bots developer at Group ($4B+ corporation), I've built machine learning systems for different startups.

Currently I'm 16. I live in Saint Petersburg and I work at VK (the largest social network in the Europe) on advertising section, bots and AI platform. I believe that democratized AI built by different entrepreneurs is the future and I'm interested in consulting AI startups.